July 2020 · July 01, 2020
Myth: Māori commit more family violence Fact: Pākehā make up two-thirds of mandated clients in our non-violence programmes.

June 2020 · June 17, 2020
Nearly all the clients who attended our non-violence programme last year say it provided them skills to safely manage their lives, their family’s lives, and to engage in a more respectful relationship. Ninety-six men and three women completed the programme in the six months ending 31 December last year. They participated in at least 10 weeks of individual and group sessions with our specialist clinicians across the top of the South from the West Coast to Kaikoura. In surveys, 91% told us when...

June 2020 · June 11, 2020
In the six months ending 31 December last year, 96 men charged with a criminal offence came to SVS – Living Safe to attend our non-violence programme. They came from locations across the West Coast, other parts of Tasman, Marlborough including Kaikoura, and Nelson. They participated in at least 10 weeks of individual and group sessions with our specialist clinicians.

May 2020 · May 31, 2020
Throughout the last full programme year ending 30 June 2019, 51 men and 3 women responded to surveys when they completed our non-violence programme. Here is a high level overview of how they found the programme.

May 2020 · May 04, 2020
The Sixth report from the Family Violence Death Review Committee has come out and it has an updated focus: the Committee sought to understand the life trajectory of the men involved in family violence deaths from their birth to the death event. There’s so much in this report that both validates the work we have been doing here in Nelson Tasman with our whānau approach and working with perpetrators and trauma. Yet, the report discusses how far we all are from our goal.
February 2020 · February 11, 2020
My wife said if I didn’t sort my crap, it was over. She had said this before, but I brushed it off. But my kids and my wife gave me an ultimatum this time, and so I decided that I needed to do something.

February 2020 · February 10, 2020
SVS Living Safe’s Non-Violence Programme (NVP) for men is for those who attend of their own choice as well as for those who are mandated by protection order or criminal charge. We collected survey data on the mandated participants who attended this programme for the year ended 30 June 2019.

February 2020 · February 06, 2020
Our youth programme teaches kids affected by family and other forms of violence how to be safe in the first instance. Everyone learns how to prepare and use a safety plan. Evaluations of the programme for the year ended June 2019 show 100% of respondents now have a safety plan and can identify at least one thing they can do to make themselves safe.

November 2019 · November 24, 2019
For half of Leanne Fletcher’s life, she has been dealing with an abusive partner. At 32, she is a successful speech language therapist working in Nelson and living in Tapawera. She’s also about to move with her new husband to the UK to start a new chapter in her life, even though she is still healing from the abuse she suffered all those years ago. “I was with Jason from the time I was 16 until I was 21. We both left home early, me at 16 to follow him to Christchurch after he got kicked...

November 2019 · November 23, 2019
This op ed was originally published in The Nelson Mail 23, Nov, 2019. OPINION: During a topic last month on domestic violence, The AM Show host Duncan Garner took some flak for telling his audience not to ridicule men or else you "set off the powder keg" because "some of them don't do humiliation very well." His co-host Amanda Gillies rightly corrected him, saying there is no excuse for abuse of any kind.

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