New to our referral process? Let us help you find your way.
April 2021 · April 20, 2021
When you have a client who would benefit from one of our adult or youth programmes, the first step to refer them to us is to fill out our Referral Form - let us talk you through how!

Lessons I use in my practice from associating with club life
April 2021 · April 19, 2021
In my work as a specialist family violence clinician, I use my background, as well as my education and training, with clients who are involved on some level with club life, whether it is men or women. Looking back all those decades ago, I now see many of the people I knew then came from families where violence as discipline was normal.

The invisible arms of support
April 2021 · April 19, 2021
Every day a group of people are working behind the scenes in Nelson to ensure that vulnerable families in distress don’t slip through the cracks and become further victims of family harm.

We're growing!
April 2021 · April 19, 2021
Since the start of 2021 we have been expanding our staff to accommodate the growing wait list of clients. The demand for existing services is growing, partly as a result of COVID-19 and partly as we are expanding our services, including a new contract to work with children who have witnessed violence.

Feel confident in being a new dad with this free course
February 2021 · February 08, 2021
Dads’ group gets underway in March at SVS – Living Safe to help dads develop skills and manage pressures.

January 2021 · January 05, 2021
Our Board has just completed a strategic planning process that provides focus to our work over the next five years. The result is the SVS Living Safe Strategic Plan 2020-25 and there is both an internal and external focus.

December 2020 · December 13, 2020
We were impressed by Kay Douglas’ new book Men Making Changes. It’s a very good introduction to people new to family violence, especially for those who are friends and family and are noticing something’s not quite right with someone in their life. Our clinicians are going to incorporate it into the new Whanau Resilience programme to help friends, family members, work colleagues, etc who may suspect someone they know is experiencing family harm.

December 2020 · December 01, 2020
At SVS - Living Safe a group of women meet weekly to connect and share their experiences of family violence. The women are likely to have experienced significant distress and, as a result of feeling vulnerable, they begin a slower journey back to themselves and back to safety. For some this may be the beginning of identifying their own needs, wants and thoughts. The programme is called Inside Out. For many participants it precedes our Women’s Safe programme and allows them time to find...

November 2020 · November 24, 2020
Alex Ness from New Zealand Rugby (NZR) visited our own Aaron Agnew, Kaimahi with the Whānau Resilience service, and Lois Hewetson, Clinical Leader, just over a week ago while visiting the Nelson region. Alex is the Te Hurihanga Advisor at NZR and his role is to support the delivery of education sessions and Rugby’s response to incidents of harm. Alex has a background in therapeutic interventions with men who have done harm and also in national campaigns targeting family violence.

November 2020 · November 02, 2020
Over the weekend the Government announced the creation of a new ministerial role to lead the way toward dealing with one of New Zealand’s most troubling problems, family violence. Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson was appointed the country’s first-ever Minister for the Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence.

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