February 2020 · February 11, 2020
My wife said if I didn’t sort my crap, it was over. She had said this before, but I brushed it off. But my kids and my wife gave me an ultimatum this time, and so I decided that I needed to do something.

February 2020 · February 10, 2020
SVS Living Safe’s Non-Violence Programme (NVP) for men is for those who attend of their own choice as well as for those who are mandated by protection order or criminal charge. We collected survey data on the mandated participants who attended this programme for the year ended 30 June 2019.

February 2020 · February 06, 2020
Our youth programme teaches kids affected by family and other forms of violence how to be safe in the first instance. Everyone learns how to prepare and use a safety plan. Evaluations of the programme for the year ended June 2019 show 100% of respondents now have a safety plan and can identify at least one thing they can do to make themselves safe.

November 2019 · November 24, 2019
For half of Leanne Fletcher’s life, she has been dealing with an abusive partner. At 32, she is a successful speech language therapist working in Nelson and living in Tapawera. She’s also about to move with her new husband to the UK to start a new chapter in her life, even though she is still healing from the abuse she suffered all those years ago. “I was with Jason from the time I was 16 until I was 21. We both left home early, me at 16 to follow him to Christchurch after he got kicked...

November 2019 · November 11, 2019
The beginning of one man’s journey It’s August 2019 and Carl is really upset. “I just found out my sister’s husband has been abusing her, badly. Physical. They’re splitting up. I didn’t know just how bad it was all this time. I mean, they have teenagers. I want so bad to go down there, to Dunedin, put him in my boot, and take him for a long drive.” Carl* is 40 and has a history of violent verbal behaviour. His problem is that he gets angry really fast and lashes out verbally....

November 2019 · November 05, 2019
For White Ribbon November, let’s put the focus on men. SVS Living Safe is calling for people to pay more attention to male perpetrators of violence during this month’s White Ribbon campaign because unless we do, New Zealand’s serious family violence problem won’t get better. SVS Living Safe is an accredited provider of professional support services in the area of family violence. The White Ribbon campaign, which asks men to take ownership of this issue and model good behaviour, is in...

October 2019 · October 29, 2019
Delivered one-on-one or in small groups, the SVS Living Safe Women’s SAFE programme helps women who have been in or are currently in relationship(s) characterised by violence and/or abuse. The service is customisable. It teaches skills to enhance family relationships, skills to keep women and children safe, and explores how to manage anger and feel more empowered. At the end of every quarter we survey the participants who are finishing to assess if they felt they’d achieved the goals set...

October 2019 · October 24, 2019
SVS Living Safe offers an individual counselling service to people who are or have been affected by violence and/or abuse and who are significantly traumatised. These clients initially may not be able to participate in a group setting but we work with them toward a point where they feel more comfortable in a group setting, where sharing with others who have been through similar situations could benefit them. We always ask participants for their feedback so that we can measure how they feel...

October 2019 · October 21, 2019
We recently collected evaluations from men who graduated out of one of our group Non-Violence Programmes. As an organisation that focuses on improving the behaviours and lives of perpetrators of violence, as well as those who are victims, we are always keen to see that we’re making a difference with the (mostly) male perpetrators we work with. When we asked what in their lives changed during the time they were in the course, some of the answers they gave us included: Being more open to crying...

October 2019 · October 01, 2019
Violence doesn’t come out of the blue, says SVS Living Safe’s Clinical Leader Lois Hewetson. “It’s informed by trauma.”

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