Honouring White Ribbon throughout November

Each year on 25 November the world acknowledges the United Nations International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women; it is known as White Ribbon. The NZ White Ribbon campaign aim is to eliminate men’s violence towards women by encouraging men to take ownership of this important issue and model good behaviour that can change attitudes and behaviours. White Ribbon organisers encourage everyone to support them all year long, and especially in November.

SVS - Living Safe is again joining their effort. We want your help too! We help perpetrators make lifelong change. The vast majority of perpetrators of family harm are men. This year we want to let our clients speak in their own words to describe their experiences with our service. Our White Ribbon Posters can be placed in offices, smoko rooms, and other key areas of your organisation to show your support of White Ribbon. We hope your clients and customers will see them. Thank you for joining us.

We offer a variety of services including training, education, counselling, family whanau, group or individual support to anyone who has been impacted by violence or abuse in all its forms.

All services can be accessed as a self-referral, or through third party referrals including but not limited to health services, court services, child services, schools, government departments, self and parents. Mandated clients are fully funded and  there is partial funding available for other clients. SVS Living Safe relies on fundraising to provide these services. Where possible a small koha is requested but will not be a barrier to accessing any support.

When I got here for first session I thought it was going to be a joke. After 2 or 3 sessions I realised I was not perfect. I learned heaps. My eldest son tells me, 'Dad you’ve changed heaps, how come you’re not getting so angry anymore?' Oh don’t I? I haven’t noticed,
every-one else has.

SVS-Living Safe delivers services into Marlborough, Nelson, Motueka, Golden Bay and the West Coast.
Please contact our Nelson office for information.

Nelson Office

Level 3, 295 Trafalgar Street

Phone: 03 548 3850

Txt: 027 548 3850


Motueka Office

Jack Inglis Hospital

15b Courtney Street

Phone: 03 528 8976